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Whatever the size of your business, whatever changes you’re contemplating, or whatever real or suspected underlying concerns you have, we provide mentoring combined with solid analysis and proven risk assessment to ensure you have sound advice to set the goals you need to advance your business in the current post-pandemic times.

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Our lead management consultants have a broad base knowledge and experience of cross-sector commerce, for an overall assessment of what, and how processes work, and more importantly can rapidly determine what is not working, and why.  We can advise to create and plan the best practices to run or diversify a business effectively or develop one and aid in its implementation.  We also can provide operations experts who are industry-specific to apply a more in-depth approach than broad management and have vast experience in understanding a company's operating procedures.  All our operations experts have senior level experience with major company changes, such as takeovers, shifts in management, new additions to departments or updated work practices.  Our business development or growth experts have extensive knowledge within the industry of a client and specialise in understanding the functioning of a company as a whole, as well as identifying areas or individuals under-performing, and will usually then advise on improvement strategies and assist in the implementation of new practices to remediate the core fault, or advise or represent you in dismissal procedures to ensure inter-company morale is not negatively affected.  We also advise on relationship structures internally and externally to enable your company to improve and evolve with industry trends.  Our strategy consultants help to strategise and weigh business decisions against a projected outcome, offering advice on anything from organisational, and operational strategies to economic policies and procedures, to help identify immediate problems, set mid, to long-term goals and will usually include reviewing company data to help in the decision-making process.  We can also help in the implementation of any changes so developed.


We provide industry-specific sales and marketing experts to help advise, guide and instruct on the best sales practices to implement into the current strategy.  Our goals are for helping to improve their sales tactics and in doing so increase company revenue.  This is done through overseeing sales team training and advising executives on the best methods to manage the sales teams, marketing campaigns, or overseeing the campaign from the initial stages through to completion, whilst reviewing the company's target audience and past campaigns to improve brand awareness with any new campaign.  Our HR experts determine how an HR department is implementing company procedures and identify areas for improvement to effectively increase and maintain company morale, thereby minimising staff attrition.  We also help in developing and implementing training programs.


Our experts will collaborate with a client to identify their career goals and how they can go about achieving them.  Usually, we will provide someone with expert knowledge in an industry relevant to the client.  We can also act as a helpful guide to clients by reviewing their resume and cover letter materials, common interview practices and options through identifying different industries where they could also succeed.


We utilise and share our expertise on matters pertaining to public relations and content creation for internal and external channels.  All our consultants and experts operate with absolute confidentiality and can also help manage positive or negative publicity, as well as internal communication practices within the company.  Our information technology experts can advise on a wide variety of IT-related matters, from identification, to implementation, and training.  Our software experts will have knowledge of the client-company existing technology and software to aid a company and its executives on the implementation of computer software programs to ensure software is best fit for the company and its goals to optimise productivity.


Our experts are current and former government servants with robust lines of communication to ensure timely resolutions to matters pertaining to governmental compliance, environmental & law.  They will be industry related to ensuring analysis of all risk factors involved in a company's activities that could have a negative impact on their legal status and operational abilities.  They will also provide tested methodologies on compliance with environmental regulations, to avoid breaking laws.  Our legal experts have extensive knowledge of relevant case law as pertains to the dominant and subsequent issues of concern to a client and as in all such relationships confidentiality and ethics are paramount.  This includes oversight and weighing how potential decisions could lead to negative legal action against the company, how to avoid such situations and how to proceed should there be legal action taken against the company.  These services include lead or second-seat litigation, case preparation, private investigations and undertaking risk assessments as to liability and potential reparations. 


Our financial advisors help to develop business decisions that will have a high probability of increasing revenue, minimising costs of goods and overheads and adding value to the net and gross margins across the board wherever possible.  Our accountants can assess company data to identify productivity flaws and may even determine which business decisions could hurt the company financially, and how to avoid risk factors.  We can also provide audit and forensic level analysis of past and present data to determine the financial benefits to expanding a business or identify areas a business could be saving money.


Care Asia was initially created by life-long beliefs in ethical business practices with a strong desire for supporting positive social responsibilities, and with an altruistic motive for aiding struggling businesses and business owners.  Our consultants and affiliated advisors are proven goal-orientated, ethical people who have a clear vision to expedite a vision solely to the customer's benefit.


Whilst undertaking contracts within the medical tourism, wellness, and hospitality sector we identified the opportunity to address the serious lack of elder care facilities for foreigners wishing to retire in Thailand, as well as middle-class urban Thai living in high-rise apartments, in an environment rapidly westernising, and under the pressure of a public superannuation scheme widely-mooted to be seriously under-funded by 2050.  

The company has robust, long-standing affiliations with all sectors of business and government in Thailand and has the wherewithal to get things done in an ethical and timely manner.  

All our customers are self-sourced or have come by way of personal knowledge and references from existing and past clients.  We do no marketting or adertising of our services nor will we post past or current customers details or completed contracts.  We regularly review our security protocols to ensure our credibility for confidentiality is never at risk and our customer's privacy and security remain our best-kept secrets.    

The two owners of Care Asia have, between them, 75 years of experience in mentoring, managing, developing and helping to build successful new businesses in tough environments - whilst maintaining their motto:


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